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Starting Thursday, April 10, the blog, ink-kink, and it's RP side blogs will take the place of my various separate rp blogs.

You still get the same muses and no threads will be intentionally dropped during the change over.

URL links to each side blog are on the side bar of ink-kink.

The schedule is:

  • Sunday: Loki
  • Monday: Pepper/Duncan and Ina
  • Tuesday: Doc Strange
  • Wed: Erik
  • Thursday: Raven
  • Friday: Pixie
  • Saturday: Tigra/Toti
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  • I’m so alone @thegodofthunderthor

    It’d been three months since Pepper and Thor had tried dating. Despite everything going great, they’d parted and she’d gotten on with her life as best she could since then. That included going through the motions at Stark Industries and at company parties and the like. Every day she felt a more and more alone, more like she’d always be alone. She stared at the pill bottle in her hand, making her choice. Pepper tipped the pills into her mouth and washed them down with some vodka, moving to her empty bed to wait for them to take effect and send her into a permanent sleep.

    Tagged with: #thegodofthunderthor #trigger warning #tw #tw: suidice